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Attorney Services

Legal Financing


New York state attorney listing

State Bar of CA Attorney Search


Los Angeles County Bail Schedule

AJG Bail Bonds


California State Bar

In General

Los Angeles Municipal Code

State of California Home Page

Cal Statutory Will


Cal State Agency Directory

Cal State Prison Contact Info

Community Service

Volunteer Center of Los Angeles


San Bernardino District Courts

San Bernardino Superior Court-general

San Mateo County Superior Court

Ventura County Superior Court

Monterey County Superior Court

Butte County Superior Court

California Courts Questions & Answers

Orange County Superior Court

Riverside County Superior Court

Santa Barbara County Superior Court

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Criminal Law

Interesting stuff from around the country


DMV forms

Domestic Violence

Attorney General's Domestic Violence Re

Anger Management

Anderson & Anderson Anger Management


William Eidelman MD, Natural Medicine

Recent Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Studya

Local Medical Marijuana Guidelines

Drugs and Human Performance FACT SHEETS -


Cocaine; Facts


Methamphetamine and cocaine "remedy"

Other Drugs

Meds Least Likely to Affect the Liver

Chemical testing for cannabis


Able to Change

The Help Group


Miranda rights and FSTs

DUI on a lawnmower???

Alcohol programs

California DUI Programs

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

DUI alcohol programs

DUI programs


Breath Test Device Info

Alcohol Testing Program - Dry Gas Standards

National Patent Analytical Systems -- Datamaster

PAS screening fatally flawed may lead to dismissal

Missouri DWI Breath Alcohol Testing

Journal of Trauma article on absorption

DataMaster Error Codes

DUI drugs

The Drug Recognition Xpert

Comprehensive look at effects.

Cannabis Analysis

Drugs and Human Performance

Forms of testing--DUI cannabis

Marijuana a Lesser Driving Hazard Than Alcohol

Marijuana Drug Test Detection Time from NORML

Chris Conrad--Cannabis expert

Forensic Toxicologists

Michael P. Hlastala, Ph. D.

Swedish message board for dui

National List of Experts

Developments in Toxicology


Nystagmus (the DUI eye exam)


Handwriting--Rle and Hicks


Federal Bureau of Prisons

About Federal Crimes -- Mark Bennett

US Marshall Agency Contacts

James Publishing Federal Criminal Practice

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Military Commissions Act of 2006

The Federal Community Defender Organization

Contact your Congressperson

Federal Bureau of Prisons Web Site

Federal Criminal Practice book

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Business and General Legal Forms

Cal. Atty Genl forms for factual innocence pet


Ventura County Probation

LA County Probation


This DA should be fired!

Riverside County District Attorney

Cal. Attorney General's office

Federal judges say Cal. DAs commit misconduct

LA County District Attorney

Pasadena City Attorney

Anaheim City Attorney

Santa Barbara County District Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

Public Defenders

Los Angeles County Public Defender Home Page

California Public Defenders Association Public Hom

LA County Alternate Public Defender

State Regulations

Cal. Licensed Physicians

Contractors State License Board

Cal. State Bail Regulations

Traffic Citations

Unpaid tickets lead to trouble.

Your Ticket - Illegal Red Light Cameras

Time, Speed and Distance Calculator

Police Agencies

Santa Monica Police Dept.

Ventura County Jail Inmate Info

San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff

LA County Jail Inmate Information

Los Angeles Police Department

Malibu City

City of Malibu Home Page